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Posted On: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
By: steve13.
29-Nov Catonsville High School
8:30 AM D3 8-10 EYT Spartans vs Reisterstown Mustangs
10:00 AM D1 9-11 Overlea vs Metro Bengals
11:30 AM D3 9-11 Reisterstown Mustangs vs Andover Apaches
1:00 PM D4 9-11 Randallstown Panthers Federal vs Emmorton Black
2:30 PM D2 8-10 ColdSpring Lane Nitehawks vs Woodlawn
4:00 PM D2 10-12 Mt airy Bulldogs vs Coldspring Lane Nitehawks
5:30 PM D4 10-12 Sandy Spring Falcons vs Catonsville


29-Nov Good Counsel
8:00 AM D4 9-11 Columbia Ravens vs RFL Bears Black
9:30 AM D2 11-13 Silver Spring vs Rockville Bears
11:00 AM D3 10-12 Poolesville vs Takoma Park Rams
12:30 PM D1 14U D1 MD Seahawks vs Hamilton Tigers
2:00 PM D1 14U D1 Fort Washington vs Unity
3:30 PM D1 14U D2 Southern Maryland Hawks vs PG Outlaws


29-Nov White Marsh Park
8:00 AM D3 6-8 Bowie Broncos vs Laurel Steelers
9:30 AM D3 8U Team Holy Dirt vs District Heights Chiefs
11:00 AM D3 8U Rosedale Cowboys vs Prince Frederick Eagles
12:30 PM D2 7-9 Laurel Steelers vs Southern Maryland Hawks
2:00 PM D2 7-9 Randallstown Panthers vs Waldorf
3:30 PM D1 8-10 Bowie Bulldogs vs Charm City Buccaneers
5:00 PM D2 10-12 Mechanicsville Braves vs Southern MD hawks
6:30 PM D3 10U District Heights Chiefs vs West Laurel Stallions


29-Nov Rockburn Field 5
8:00 AM D3 6-8 Reisterstown Mustangs vs Gray Charles Comanches
9:30 AM D1 5-7 Forestville Falcons vs Marshall heights
11:00 AM D1 5-7 Parkside vs Southern MD Hawks
12:30 PM D2 6-8 Dunkirk Warrior vs Ellicott City Patriots
2:00 PM D2 7-9 Dunkirk Warriors vs Edgewood-Lyndhurst
3:30 PM D1 7-9 Columbia vs Ridge Road
5:00 PM D2 6-8 Waldorf Wildcats vs Silver Spring Saints


29-Nov Rockburn Field 6
8:30 AM D1 6-8 Brooklyn Park Broncos vs Columbia Ravens
10:00 AM D1 8-10 Woodridge vs Maplewood
11:30 AM D4 8-10 Maplewood vs Emmorton Buccaneers
1:00 PM D2 8-10 East Side Colts vs Pax River Raiders
2:30 PM D3 11-13 Sandy Spring Falcons vs SRYA  Seahawks
4:00 PM D3 10U Holy Dirt vs Unity
5:30 PM D3 10U Laurel Wildcats vs MTS Terps
30-Nov Catonsville High School
8:30 AM D4 6-8 HC Terps vs SRYA
10:00 AM D1 5-7 Columbia Ravens vs Waldorf
11:30 AM D2 7-9 Silver Spring vs Eastside
1:00 PM D1 8-10 Emmorton Buccaneers vs Middleriver Renegades
2:30 PM D4 8-10 Silver Spring Saints vs Team Holy Dirt
4:00 PM D1 10-12 Lamond Riggs vs Ellicott City Patriots
5:30 PM D3 10-12 Randallstown Panthers vs Sandy Spring
30-Nov Good Counsel
8:00 AM D1 7-9 Brooklyn Park vs Germantown Panthers
9:30 AM D1 13U Churchill Bulldogs vs Pikesville Wildcats
11:00 AM D2 11-13 Williamsport Bears vs Columbia
12:30 PM D2 9-11 Hagerstown Giants vs Mechanicsville Braves
2:00 PM D4 11-13 Rockville Bears vs Sandy Spring Falcons
3:30 PM D2 9-11 St. Charles Bears vs Boonsboro Titans
30-Nov White Marsh Park
8:30 AM D3 10U Dunkirk Warriors vs Fort Washington Cannons
10:00 AM D3 9-11 Laurel Steelers vs Prince Frederick eagles
11:30 AM D1 9-11 Waldorf Wolfpack vs Charm City Buccaneers
1:00 PM D3 11-13 Mechanicsville Braves 14u vs CROFTON CARDINALS
2:30 PM D2 11-13 Elkridge vs Huntingtown Hurricanes
4:00 PM D4 10-12 Columbia vs West Laurel Stallions
5:30 PM D2 12U  D1 West Laurel Stallions vs Hyattsville Hawks


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