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2015 Preseason Tournament

Posted On: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
By: steve13

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National Gridiron 365 Preseason Tournament Rules

August 16, 2015 at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

About the preseason tournament:

National Gridiron 365 (NG-365) will host a preseason tournament on August 24, 2014 as a final

opportunity for teams to play together prior to the 2014 football season! Teams are guaranteed

three games; the event will run from 8AM-6PM at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School;

however the day will be split into two sessions (older players in the afternoon; younger players in

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (17301 Old Vic Boulevard  Olney, MD 20832)

Field Dimensions:

Field Length: 40 yards

Field Width: 52 yards

End zone: 10 yards

Starting the game:

 Time is kept by the official; all games will begin and end per this person’s instructions.

 The visiting team will have the first possession; the home team will have the first

possession for the second series of plays.  The team listed first on the schedule will be

considered the home team.

 Players are permitted to wear standard football cleats with plastic or rubber spikes, turf

shoes, or tennis shoes; NO METAL SPIKES ARE ALLOWED!

 Each team will use its own ball during offensive possessions.

Official Football Sizes:

Teams at all age groups will use their League Approved Football Size

Age Groups:

Cut off date is August 1, 2015.

Moving the Ball:

 Each team will have 8 plays offense and 8 play defense per “half.” There is no halftime.

 No Kicking/Punting/Extra Points

 Possession to start game or at the beginning of a 8 play series will always begin at the 40

yard line; all play will move one direction towards a single end zone.

 The fields will be marked every 10 yards for a first down; the offense has 4 downs to

reach a first down. If they do not succeed, they will be spotted at the 40 yard line.

Tournament Specific Rules:

 There will be no weigh-ins for the tournament.

 Offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the referee at the

previous spot or the new scrimmage spot. Any delay by the offense in retrieving and

returning the ball to the referee will result in a delay of game penalty (see “Penalties”).

 For 8U, two coaches are allowed on the field; for 9U, one coach is allowed on the field In

both cases, the coach must remain behind all offensive players at all times. Coaches

must be 10 yards behind the furthest player before the ball is snapped and through

the duration of the play; they cannot “coach up” players once the team has broken

the huddle.

 Defensive pass interference will be a spot foul (1st down at the spot); Offensive pass

interference is the same as NCAA rules.

 Delay of Game Penalties will dock a team one of their offensive plays.

 It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to check in with the Check-In table 1-hour prior

to the team’s first game time. Failure to do so will result in loss of 1 of the team’s first

game’s offensive plays.

 NO taunting, “trash talking,” unsportsmanlike conduct, or encouragement of such

behavior will be permitted. Acts of such will result in a 5- yard penalty and expulsion if

flagrant or repeated.

 Tie games are allowed; there is no time allowed for tie breakers.

 Games can not end on a defensive penalty.

 1 point will be awarded for a TD

 The winning head coach of the game must immediately report to the score table to

report game results.

 There will be no OT for regular tournament games.

 If there is a tie in the championship game at any age level, each team will have 4 downs

beginning at the 10 yard line to score.

 Official score is kept by referee and coaches.

 Games will be approximately 40 minutes long.

 Play clock will be enforced at 30 seconds.


immediately after the preceding game.

 Teams must be on site and ready to play 10 minutes prior to their game time. Teams who

are not on the field and ready to play when the referees call them on will be docked one

play per every minute they are late.

 No time outs are permitted; the only exception is for injuries. Injury time outs may reduce

the amount of time between halves and/or between games to maintain the game


Team, Fees & Officials

 The league fee per team is $250.00.

 Officials for the tournament are included in the team’s registration fee.

 A team may not have more than 4 coaches, 1 team mom/dad, 1 water boy/girl and 1

media personnel on the sideline. NO TEAM MAY HAVE MORE THAN 7 NON-


 Each team must have a coach accompany it to all games. This individual is responsible

for the action of those representing his organization/team.

Inclement Weather Policy:

If there is inclement weather on the day of a game, NG-365 will evaluate the conditions to

determine if the game will be held as schedule. NG-365 reserves the right to reschedule or cancel

game(s) if inclement weather makes it unsafe or unplayable for players and spectators. In general,

games will be played if there is light to moderate rain, with no thunder or lightning. If there is

inclement weather on the day of a game, an email will be sent out to all the coaches as well as it

will be posted on the facebook (www.facebook.com/NGridiron365) If the tournament is canceled,

NG-365 will reschedule the games, of which all teams are assumed to still attend; no refunds will

be given for teams unable to make rescheduled games.

Player Eligibility:

 Any team using an ineligible (incorrect age) player shall automatically forfeit each game

in which the player participated. If a team uses a suspended player or a player under an

assumed name, that team shall automatically be dropped from the league without refund.

Each game played with that player and all scheduled games not player shall be forfeited

to the opponents. Protests as to the use of an ineligible player must be made within 48

hours of game time and no protest fee is required. The protest must be submitted in

writing to National Gridiron 365 at main@ng-365.com.

 Coaches will be emailed a waiver form for their team upon confirmation of their

participation. Waiver forms MUST be filled out in entirety and handed into the check in

table at least one-hour prior to the team’s first game in one large group.

Disciplinary Action:

 Fighting: the player(s) involved will be ejected from the game and suspended for the

remainder of the tournament.  If a team fight occurs, the teams involved will be ejected

from the tournament without refund and will be on probation for inclusion into any future

NG-365 events.

 A player, coach, or manager who is ejected from a game by an official shall be suspended

for the remainder of the tournament.

 All ejections and suspensions are taken without the possibility of a refund.

 Anyone who strikes, shoves, pushes, bumps or otherwise physically or verbally threatens

an official, a member of his/her team or any other team, a spectator, or a NG-365 member

shall automatically be suspended from all NG-365 sponsored activities for at least ONE

year from the date of the incident.

 The use of vulgar or profane language may result in the ejection of that player from the


 The team manager/mom/coach is responsible for the conduct of their team and spectators.

 A team member and/or spectator may be removed from the immediate field area when

deemed necessary by the game official or NG-365 staff. Failure to leave the area when

requested may result in immediate forfeiture of the game.

 Substance abuse by player personnel during the game shall be subject to ejection by game

officials and/or disciplinary action to be taken by the League Director.

 Any player, coach or manager suspended from play from another program or jurisdiction

shall also be suspended from participation in any program operated by National Gridiron


 Individual player disciplinary protest must be made in writing to NG-365 within 48 hours

of the disciplinary action. Individual player protects can only be received through the

team manager/mom/coach. All team or individual disciplinary actions are communicated

to the team coach. It is the team coach’s responsibility to notify their team/player of

disciplinary action taken by NG-365.



will be taken against any individual or team in violation of this policy.

 No smoking or use of tobacco products is allowed on the playing field, bench area, or

spectator area.

 A player who is bleeding or who has blood on his/her uniform shall be prohibited from

participating further in the game until appropriate treatment can be administered. An

athlete shall not continue competition unless the bleeding is controlled and the wound


 Score reporting and standings will be listed at www.ng-365.com as well as on



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